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Welcome to Cashew Catering, an experienced & professional approach to sustainable, plant based, healthy foods. A passion for nutrition, creative expression & love for life all combine to result in refreshing, vibrant vegan, vegetarian & raw food catering at its best.

What we do


Our specialities

Vegan catering, vegan weddings, vegetarian catering, vegetarian weddings & raw foods,
plus raw food classes, vegan & vegetarian cookery courses in London, Sussex, Brighton, Kent,
the South East of England & occasionally further afield.


Vegan Caterers & Vegan Weddings

Specialising as a vegan caterer & vegan wedding catering, we can offer some of the most diverse and creative botanical menus and pure vegan recipes available. From laid back barbecue’s to intricate plated ‘breakfasts’ or something in between, we’d love to help.

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Vegetarian Cookery Courses

If you would like to take it a step further and learn some of our creative vegetarian culinary skills then join us on our vegetarian cookery classes, vegan cookery classes and raw food courses.

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Vegetarian Caterers & Vegetarian Weddings

We also operate as a comprehensive vegetarian caterer with vegetarian wedding catering service utilizing some of the finest ingredients available including locally sourced and organic cheeses and local eggs, produced by real free range chickens that are lulled to sleep with classical music!

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Raw Food

If you prefer to follow a raw food diet then our experienced chefs can create some inspiring raw foods including sensational raw chocolate delights to make your mouth water.

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