Here at Cashew we love to share our ideas, recipes and expertise, running vegetarian cookery classes and vegan cookery courses devoted to just that! Our cookery classes cover many aspects of the kind of  raw foods, vegan, gluten free, dairy free and vegetarian foods that we’re known for.

All vegetarian cookery classes and vegan cookery classes take place at our purpose built, all singing and dancing (once the work is done) dedicated vegetarian and vegan kitchen. Built from scratch with our very own hands – we are, of course, entirely bias but can confirm that this is really a rather nice place to work and learn! Situated within a stones throw of the River Ouse on the same site as an ancient Roman settlement with the Southdowns as a back drop – we couldn’t ask for more!

Come and join us and other like minded cookery class’mates for some light hearted learning in a friendly and considered, professional vegetarian cookery environment.










Join us on from 10am – 4pm, February 18th 2017 for:         **Vegan Fine Dining **    

.….inspiring RAW & COOKED foods for special occasions & everyday decadence….x

This cookery class is all vegan and vegetarian.

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Join us from 10am – 4pm, March 18th 2017 for:              *** THE SPRING FEAST ***

This session offers recipes to help you acclimatize to a time of year when nature and the environment is regenerating and transitioning from a colder climate to warm.

This cookery class is all vegan and vegetarian.

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Sessions take place at:

The Cashew Kitchen
Unit B11
Bridge Farm
Barcombe Mills
Nr Lewes

Contact us for more info about any of our classes: | 07786226220.